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Hey, I’m Bernard Huela. I’m on a mission to help 10,000 Entrepreneurs (preferably OFWs), start, build, and scale their own businesses online even if they are not techies or have no business experience, so they can have the life that they always wanted. I started from being broke, with zero savings on my name, and was able to completely change my journey through an online affiliate business, and now my goal is to help others do the same thing!

I discovered online affiliate marketing by subscribing to a lot of courses, and investing in knowledge thru different mentors, coaches, and programs.

A Little Of Our Story…

Here’s a little bit of our story, 22 years ago, after 10 years of Rat Race and making others rich, we finally decided to work from home and earn from our high-ticket affiliate businesses. We believe that to achieve the freedom we’ve been dreaming of, we should stop working for someone else and stop making them rich while we live from paycheck to paycheck.

Over the last 4 years, I was able to help many entrepreneurs with their online sales & marketing system, business automation, email marketing, and funnel system creation. Whether you need online marketing advice, training, and coaching. I am here to help you in the best possible I can.

We do love to serve in our CFC community, every time we are called to serve in whatever capacity we may be, we are always ready to respond, that’s the beauty of our online high-ticket business, we can do it whenever and wherever we go. As long as we have our cellphones and laptop we can check on the progress and status of our business that works for us 24/7 even when we’re asleep.

Then Pandemic came (COVID-19)…

I still remember, I was just started high-ticket affiliate marketing a few years back, when our government here in the Philippines declared a “Lockdown” in the entire Metro Manila due to COVID-19

All businesses were forced to close and shut down with no sales and income coming in. (You probably were in the same spot)

But it wasn’t the worst time at all, many people, including our friends and relatives suffered and devastated at that time but for people who were in online space, it was the best time ever… And we were blessed we are one.

With high-ticket affiliate marketing businesses…

Another good news is that during this pandemic time, I was able to bank $80,000 with my team with just promoting one single high-ticket affiliate product!

Yeah, it was a huge achievement at that time but it wasn’t easy. 

I don’t like to make hype over this. 

I’ll be real frank with you… I’ve invested a ton of money to learn high-income skills online. 

Think about the currency in the Philippines. 

I had to work my ass off  for all those high-ticket coaching programs. 

I had countless of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make money online… 

I suffered, was depressed, frustrated, and bled to make this happen. 

The only thing I can tell you is to try to focus on content and offer. This skill helped me to sell anything from physical products to information products. 

So here’s the thing…

The recession is happening everywhere…

Would you rather worry all day about your financial situation or would you rather go out there and do something about it? 

If you want to think about getting into online space and learn to build passive income or if you are still struggling to make it happen…

I’ve got an alternative for you! 

There is no risk, this is all free from me! 

Join our free webinar and see how you can also make $80K like I did even though my English is a second language and living in 3rd world country…

It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s all about what you can solve! 

Be bold and stop worrying all day! 

What if you can start making $1000 per month or per week…

How’s that going to change your life…

Think about it… click this Link👈 and see you inside! 

Let’s go! 🚀

With my experience and wisdom from my success and failure.

I discovered the right mindset, skillset, and toolset that’s needed to be successful in an online business.

To Your Online Business Success,

Bernard Huela

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